Wednesday, March 10, 2010

xUNFORCEx (Philippine straight edge hardcore)-promo

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We came in the end of December 1998. When Jun – Jun and I meet in the show. Then I ask him if he is interested in doing a band. And because we came from same area so we easily get involved and started. And then I have a friend who named Rochelle who taken care of the drums. So to complete the line up, we got Dulip who are also my schoolmate and interested being part of the band. Then we got the name of UNFORCE from THE CONFLICT Album “Ungovernable Force” which is a political punk band. We just cut and came into the name of UNFORCE. After the named created we started to play some local shows. We had cover songs from SHELTER that was included in cover songs record entitled “COVER WHAT YOU WANT” Tape (1998) that is a diy record on cassette recorder but it’s only for our personal collection only. Then we had 3 songs entitled “DEADLY HAZARDOUZ” Tape (1999). Then we shared so many dedicated local and foreign bands like the old HIMSA (2001). And because of work and other activities we’d been temporary in active for several years and after a lot of problems we faced due to personal problems, conflicts with schedules, we're back on the track this 2009 still keeping the old school tradition. This 2010 we had some few songs from various compilation such as LAKEFEST 2 Sampler (Philippines), Diy Promo 2 songs (Malaysia), Upcoming Split Release Netbased from Stone age Records (Indonesia) and we have an upcoming full length CD/Tape/Vinyl release entitled “TIME FOR CHANGE” (Philippines)
Old Line Up:

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(1998 - 1999)
Dulip - Vox
xNeilx - Guitar
Jun- Jun - Bass
Rochell - Drums

(1999 - 2001)
JR - Vox
Edward - Vox
xNeilx - Guitar
Jun - Jun - Bass
Allan - Drums

(2001 - 2002)
Gilbert - Vox
xNeilx - Guitar
Harold - Bass
xKeeyox - Drums

Current Line Up:
Raymond Acesor - Boses
John Karl Suizo - Gitara
Neil Hernandez - Gitara
Romel Portea - Bajo
Anfer De Jesus - Tambol