Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Ya walaupun belum punya Cdnya tapi saya udah dapat dari gasil ngedownload hehehe, menurut saya ini kompilsai yang mantap yang dimana band-band sekarang seperti down to nothing,good clean fun,ON,this is hell,ignite,dan masih banyak lagi yang ngecover band-band dulu dari revelation recs ya seperti warzone,judge,youth of today,chain of strenght dan banyak lagi. ada 23 terk disini yang dirangkum dalam 1 kompilasi yang dimana lagu-lagunya khusus direkam untuk kompilasi ini dan belum tersedia di rilisan lain sebelumnya


1. Sick Of It All - As One (Warzone)
2. Bold - Searchin' For The Light (Supertouch)
3. Damnation A.D. - Hold Your Ground (Gorilla Biscuits)
4. Terror - Friends (Side By Side)
5. Triple Threat - Without A Reason (No For An Answer)
6. Backlash - Wise Up (Bold)
7. Death By Stereo - Break Down The Walls (Youth Of Today)
8. ON - Through These Eyes (Chain Of Strengty)
9. Ambitions - Running Like Thieves (Bold)
10. Set Your Goals - Forgotten (Gorilla Biscuits)
11. Down To Nothing - Where It Went (Judge)
12. Ignite - Disengage (Youth Of Today)
13. The Twilight Transmission - Clean Slate (Quicksand)
14. Countdown To Life - Burning Fight (Inside Out)
15. Capital - Out Of Time (Burn)
16. The Mediam - Et Tu Brute (Civ) (CD only bonus track)
17. This Is Hell - Do Something (Civ)
18. Mikoto - Back And To The Left (Texas Is The Reason)
19. Good Clean Fun - No More (Youth Of Today) (CD only bonus track)
20. The Scare - Brand New Place (Battery) (CD only bonus track)
21. This Is Hell - I Hope You Die Soon (The Movielife) (CD only bonus track)
22. Ignite The Will - For The World (Shai Hulud) (CD only bonus track)
23. Walter Schreifels - Pushed Too Far/Friends Like You (Sick Of It All)