Sunday, August 16, 2009

interview with cindy frey

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1.ksr:how the first time you enter the scene?how about you start the photograph?have you ever have a band before?

cindy frey:i started going to shows when i was 17, so i think in 1991

my first show was no use for a name

and i went to many local hardcore shows after that

i started photography in may 2003 after being active in the hardcore and punkscene a lot

i used to do vegan catering for bands,
drive for bands, doing merch and i had an animal rights group called animal truth

2.ksr:we talk about the photograph.where is the best place to take the photograph in a indoor or outdoor?

cindy:indoor , coz you get more atmosphere

unless its dark outside

3.ksr:why you prever photograph to band?
cindy frey:i love also to take portraits of girls and do fashion photography

i like both

bands and fashion

4.ksr:where is the special concert that you have been taken the photo according to you?and why?

cindy frey:i loved to photography blink 182, especially travis barker and it was in germany duffeldorf

coz he is an amazing drummer

5.ksr:what is your next plan soon?
cindy:doing a shoot with first blood

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6.ksr:thats great

actually that is my favourite band too

and in what concert you will take the photo?


carl the singer is my boyfriend

if you wanna interview him, let me know

i will give you his email

7.ksr:yes thats a great colaboration.when your boyfriend sing and then you take his photo

and we are both vegan and straight edge

8.ksr:are you straight edge?and are you a vegan too?


also like 16 or 17 years

9.ksr:what is your opinion about the straight edge in the world now?

and what your opinion about sellout from sxe or vegan sxe?
cindy:many kids don't take it serieus , its a trend for some, for me its my lifestyle, for me its important to be sober and clear in my head
and i hate it to hear that people who are straight edge drop out, but doesn't mean i hate the people, it just makes me feel bad, especially the ones that sell out on vegetarianism and veganism, coz it shows they didn't believe in it

10.ksr:thx for the interview.last word?
cindy:thank you too and make sure to check out my website and check out first blood and also read about vegetarianism and veganism

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